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m&e began as a gift, never thinking it would become a business. founded by mason, a food scientist and entrepreneur, and evie, a skincare fanatic, m&e started with mason’s all-natural shower gels and oils that he made for evie (who had always suffered from sensitive skin and breakouts). switching to natural skincare instead of torturing her face with facials, endless peels, salicylic acid treatments and heavy doses of benzoyl peroxide, her skin entirely transformed. in realising the demand for high-end skincare that was affordable, m&e joined forces with incredible chemists and developed what currently makes up m&e - expertly created, effective, natural formulas.

as we all know, great skincare is very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. we use only the world’s best natural ingredients and deliver them to you without the markups too often used by cosmetics companies, circumventing store rents and middle-men. all of the botanicals inside these bottles have been completely naturally grown and meticulously blended to deliver the utmost nourishment. we have taken great care to pack in as much natural goodness as possible to our products, to help simplify your daily skincare rituals, making them accessible and affordable, while never compromising on luxury.

beyond this, we understand the importance of the bigger picture, beyond self care. We aim every day to improve our environmental impact, with carefully sourcing ingredients, using no plastic bottles and encouraging our subscription refill program.

love, m&e