Founded in 2017, m&e began as a gift, never thinking it would become a business. Natural skincare is a booming industry, but as the ingredients are often so expensive, unlike chemical products, great products are not cheap. But they shouldn’t have to be.  In realising the demand for effective, high-end skincare that was affordable, m&e joined forces with incredible chemists and developed what m&e is now - luxury, natural skincare, underpriced. 

By circumventing traditional channels, sourcing carefully, blending products in small batches, and avoiding markups from rent payments or middle-men, we are able to create higher-quality products without breaking the bank.

We have taken great care to pack in as much natural goodness as possible to our products, to help simplify your daily skincare rituals, making them more accessible and affordable, whilst never compromising on luxury or efficacy.

We aim every day to improve our environmental impact as well, by never ever using plastic bottles, using sustainable ingredients, by creating our subscription refill program, and never testing on animals. This is because we understand the importance of the bigger picture, beyond self care.

love, m&e