Founded in 2017, m&e began as a gift, never thinking it would become a business. Mason, a trained food scientist, began making homemade bath oils and shower gels for me (Evie) as gifts, after realizing he would go broke if he continued to entertain my obsession with skin care products.

They were incredible - without causing any irritation to my extremely sensitive skin. It helped that Mason had already developed a deep interest in essential oils and botanical sourcing due to his kidney condition he has had since birth; his body often responded better to natural and holistic medicine than Western medical treatments. And so we began researching and experimenting with natural oils and treatments for facial skin care, to see if natural, plant-based formulas would have a positive impact on my highly-sensitive skin that would be prone to eczema and acne. The first oil he made (which has become what is now our Bio-Life Oil) was made up entirely of the most active botanicals. After using only this oil and no other products for a week, my skin was so much calmer - less red, glowing and nearly void of blemishes.

This alone convinced me to switch entirely from constant harsh chemical peels and acid treatments to natural skincare and gave it to our friends and family to see what they thought. After the amazing feedback, we enhanced Bio-Life Oil, working on it with chemists and world class botanical growers, and began the journey of m&e. 

At the heart of m&e, as well as nourishing, potent, active formulas, is the belief that effective, beautiful skin care should be accessible. Markups in the beauty industry are pretty appalling, and no one talks about it. So we are here to provide an alternative. By circumventing traditional channels and middle-men and sourcing directly from the farms and buyers who work personally with the farms, we have been able to provide the highest-quality skin care at a fraction of the going price.