Bio-life Oil

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Description -

Bio Life Oil is a powerful balanced face oil infused with 14 of the world’s most nourishing botanicals. Utilizing a slow extraction process we pack healing phytonutrients, free-radical fighting antioxidants in natural form and brightening vitamins in a small bottle that holds its weight. Cold pressed botanicals and Highest grade Essential oils are the finishing touch to amplify the nourishing delivery system packed into this face oil. 
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antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties (for fighting acne), anti-scarring, toning, balances sebum secretion (regulates sebaceous glands’ production of sebum so skin produces less oil (aka. pimples)), minimizes pores (less toxins can enter/clog them)

Carrot Seed

High carotal content brightens skin, helps balance redness/rosacea, minimizes pores and tightens skin

Sea Buckthorn

antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, acne-preventing, anti-aging, healing, helps balance redness/rosacea, hydrating


anti-aging, healing, hydrating


anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, brightening, helps balance redness/rosacea, healing, extra hydrating, toning (regulates sebum), purifying


anti-aging, clarifying, healing, extra hydrating, stimulates cell renewal

Ylang Ylang

anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, clarifying, toning (regulates sebum), soothes irritation


anti-aging, anti-acne, anti-pigmentation, brightening, clarifying, detoxing, healing (especially for hyperpigmentation), toning, stimulates cell renewal


anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, brightening, healing, stimulates cell renewal


anti-inflammatory, acne-prevention, anti-pigmentation, healing

Coriander Seed

anti-inflammatory, acne-prevention, anti-pigmentation, healing


anti-aging, healing, stimulates cell renewal


anti-inflammatory,& anti-acne, anti-aging, balancing, stimulates cell renewal